DBD Enterprise at Dakhingaon

This is the story of Mrs. Dalimi Deka of Guwahati, Assam who is an entrepreneur and runs a food production unit named as DBD enterprise at Dakhingaon.

Challenging the social structure and the age old belief system that women are only better in the confination of the four walls of the kitchen, Mrs Deka has not only broken stereotypes but also stood as an example for many other struggling women to build an identity of their own.

She has been successfully running her food processing unit from the year 2012. Today, she has expanded her unit to a factory employing local women workers for preparing and packaging of her food products including a range of pickles,jam, jellies, spices, sweets and namkeens.

Her story needs to be shared with the world. With a small attempt of spreading the words, I tried to paint a picture of her maneuvers and success. How proud it is to be present in a mega event like the Ardh Kumbh mela and meet an accomplished woman entrepreneur like Mrs Dalimi Deka who has achieved a status of first-rate entrepreneur.

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