DBD Enterprise at Dakhingaon

This is the story of Mrs. Dalimi Deka of Guwahati, Assam who is an entrepreneur and runs a food production unit named as DBD enterprise at Dakhingaon.

Challenging the social structure and the age old belief system that women are only better in the confination of the four walls of the kitchen, Mrs Deka has not only broken stereotypes but also stood as an example for many other struggling women to build an identity of their own.

She has been successfully running her food processing unit from the year 2012. Today, she has expanded her unit to a factory employing local women workers for preparing and packaging of her food products including a range of pickles,jam, jellies, spices, sweets and namkeens.

Her story needs to be shared with the world. With a small attempt of spreading the words, I tried to paint a picture of her maneuvers and success. How proud it is to be present in a mega event like the Ardh Kumbh mela and meet an accomplished woman entrepreneur like Mrs Dalimi Deka who has achieved a status of first-rate entrepreneur.

The divine Kumbh Mela

The Kumbh Mela is held every 12 years .The ongoing Ardh Kumbh Mela in Prayagraj, where the sacred convergence of the three rivers, Ganga, yamuna and Saraswati takes place in Uttar Pradesh is the fair held after 6 years and the next KUmbh Mela is scheduled in the year 2025.

Kumbh Mela showcases the width and diversity of the Hindu faith. It is a sheer treat for the soul to be a part of a mass celebration of faith like the Kumbh.

It was an absolutely marvelous experience to have been a part of the congregation at Prayagraj with all the other people from the Northeast who partook to represent the Northeastern Region. Special stalls have been installed by the DONER ministry for displaying and showcasing the commodities of the North east. It was a platform well made to represent the culture and diversity of the states. Some of the representatives who were present in the mega event that started on the 15th of jan and is to continue till 4th of march were

1.Dalimi Deka (DBD enterprise, Assam)

2.Debajit Borah (Baksa, Agro Producer & Co.ltd)

3.Anand( Agripreneur, Manipur)

4.Bedajit(Blackrise Farmer Manipur)

5.Som Bahadur (Sikkim)

6.Anita Rai(Sikkim)

7.Baby Sarkar (Tripura)

8.Bishwajit kalita (Assam)

9.Nazrul Ali ( Assam)

The Pride of Assam… Assam Silk

Antheraea Assamensis, commonly known as Muga Silk Worm which are fed on Som Tree (Machilus bombycina) and Sualu Tree (Litsaea polyantha) and Yellow Silk is produced. World wide famous for its unique texture, luster and durability..

The process of producing muga silk is now taken care by Sericulture Department of Assam, by providing journals, experts, export modes etc. Any individual or group of people having ample amount of land can opt for such benefits and consider growing silk an entrepreneurship opportunity.